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Options Advice offers unique information about binary options that are offered over the financial items. At this website, you can find trading guides and list of brokers who offer excellent binary options to the local and offshore traders. We bring to you best USA brokers and offshore USA brokers that deal with binary options. Dealing with these options do involve high risk and that is why these are not considered suitable for all sorts of investors. Those who are ready take risks for all or none, only they should deal with binary options.

An important thing to consider is that traders must consider the legality of the companies and firms that provide binary options as these may or may not be legal with certain jurisdictions and therefore the dealers and traders must make sure that these are legal in their jurisdiction and after confirming everything should they get a themselves in any sort of local or offshore trading activity. Binary options trading is not only profitable but it is also interesting as it offers a great opportunity to make more money through lucrative deals. The visitors of our website must also go through our privacy policy in order to know us better and the criteria we follow to maintain the privacy of data.

Options Advice has a strict private policy and each visitor or reader’s privacy is respected here. The data privacy laws of all the countries are respected and followed at our website and we abide by the laws of European Union and also of United States of America. We do not track any visitors’ history or their tracking or their browsing behaviour. We do not make use of any cookies and the visitors are never asked to give their names, e-mail addresses or any other personal information and you can easily access the information given on this website without providing any above mentioned criteria.

No information shall never be disclosed to any third party entity about the visitors or readers of this website. Mainstream analytics service is used to count the hits and page visitors and no other services are used at our websites. It is recommended that the readers must check the privacy policy of this website as this policy maintains the right to get modified without any prior notification. Hence, you must check out our privacy policy before utilising any information given here or before hiring any service from any broker mentioned here on our website.

Are Binary Options Legal in the USA?
The binary options trading are very much legal in the United States of America contrary to the much confusion these days. Important thing to know is that there are no federal or state laws that speak against the participation in trading binary options online. US Securities and Exchange Commission and US Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulate and supervise the trading market of binary options. Both the organisations allow the financial service providers to offer binary services options to the citizens of United States of America.

Binary options trading laws are quite strict and in case the financial service providers break these then they may lose their license, may face jail time and even may have to pay heavy fines but the laws are only restricted to USA which means that offshore trading can be done with legal offshore brokers since these do not come under the US laws. There is no legal rule which can prohibit the traders from trading at any offshore broker.

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